Building behind the loan: The Grand Brighton Hotel

Posted: 27th July 2023   |   Share

Brighton Hotel

We are delighted with Real Estate Capital’s recent article, highlighting our successful deal with the Fattal Hotel Group. At Leumi UK, we have always emphasized the significance of fostering a close relationship between hotel operators and lending partners, and this approach has been at the core of our values.

Our well-established partnership with Fattal played a pivotal role in enabling us to swiftly close the deal in an impressive eight-week timeframe. The £43.7 million loan to Fattal is to acquire and renovate this iconic asset, the Grand Brighton, a historic establishment with roots dating back to 1864 in the beautiful seaside city.

We are thrilled to see the coverage of this remarkable deal in the latest print edition of Real Estate Capital, where the article delves into the rich history of the Grand Brighton hotel.

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