About Leumi UK

As a specialist lender, it is our extensive knowledge of your sector that sets us apart, allowing us to pinpoint your challenges and maximise your opportunities.

At Leumi UK, we believe in going beyond finance by nurturing long-term client relationships, recognising them as essential to our client’s business success.

Since 1902, our relationship-driven approach has fuelled our dedication to supporting our client’s growth with a wealth of experience. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled expertise and depth of sector knowledge in providing tailored lending solutions within the Property and Hotels industries.

Additionally, our Leumi ABL team offers comprehensive Asset Based Lending services, focusing on business refinancing, business turnaround and acquisition situations.

Guided by the strategic vision of our CEO, Mickey Schiller, we're committed to being your go-to funding partner.

The origins of Leumi UK

While the Leumi Group has its roots in London as far back as 1902, the company that would become Leumi UK as we know it was first incorporated in 1959.

Leumi’s historic parent company, the Anglo-Palestine Bank – which had been based in London since its inception – merged with the Anglo-Israel Bank and formed the group’s official UK subsidiary.

From that beginning, Leumi UK grew to become the institution we know today. To read more about Leumi UK’s journey, see Our History.

The future

Over the course of the century, societal, economic and technological changes have impacted operations at Leumi. We have taken an evolutionary approach, allowing us to change in order to adapt and prosper. We made several key organisational developments at pivotal moments in time, marking ourselves as a globally recognised financial institution.

We have evolved to remain resilient so that we can face the future with confidence. This is a measure of our strength.

For over 60 years, we have been providing lending and financial services to a wide range of customers, with whom we have developed stable and trusting relationships. We will continue to strengthen these relationships as we grow.

Moving on to our next chapter, we are further refining our services, responding to the needs of our corporate customers to deliver efficient and agile lending solutions. Our dedicated hotel finance and property finance teams, alongside our asset backed lending team are looking forward towards opportunity; to optimise our services, relationships and growth.