Community Support

Leumi UK is dedicated to being a proactive and productive member of its community.

Our People

For us, our community begins with our staff, meaning our charitable endeavours centre on the causes closest to them. Employee engagement is at the heart of our social responsibility activity and they take the lead when it comes to deciding where to direct our support. We also allocate one volunteering day per employee per year, encouraging our staff to spend time out of the office supporting whichever charity or cause they see fit.

Our Communities

By allowing our activity to be staff led, it means that our CSR activities are more closely aligned with our purpose and values as a business. Meanwhile, our collective efforts yield significant and meaningful benefits to the communities in which we operate, allowing us to engage in otherwise overlooked causes and grassroots projects.

Our Contribution

Leumi UK also continues to support charities as an organisation, partnering with customers and industry peers to back causes that align with our business focus. It remains an important means of engagement with our professional network and wider community, and means we can use our position to garner support and visibility for the charities with which we work.