Do You Have What It Takes?

At Leumi UK, we have a framework of values and behaviours that drives our culture and vision for the business.

The principles ensure that everyone is treated fairly, that there is mutual respect between colleagues across all levels, and that everyone is empowered to achieve their potential. Importantly, they allow us to provide the very best service to our customers, who remain at the centre of everything we do.

Our principles encompass the four key values and behaviours that define our collective approach: Transparency, Empowerment, Anticipation and Membership.


We want everyone to feel comfortable and able to speak up, knowing that they will be listened to and that their views will be respected and considered. We encourage open and honest communication with our colleagues, customers and third parties.


We appreciate efforts and recognise achievements. We believe in the ability of others to do a great job and we ensure they have the right tools and support to do so. We get involved with initiatives, collaborate with our colleagues and share ideas.


We are conscious of the consequences of our individual and collective actions and how they affect our colleagues and customers. We take a consultative approach to decision making. We keep our goals front of mind and proactively adapt to change.


We are united in the pursuit of a common goal. Engagement across departments is actively encouraged as we share ideas and skills with our colleagues, reinforcing the fact that we are all part of one big team.

If you think you have what it takes, then  please check out our current vacancies and start your application today.