Leumi ABL’s full Asset Based Lending product range can support a wide variety of successful businesses with funding requirements from £3m.

Flexible and adaptable funding, strong relationship management and excellent communications throughout – Leumi ABL consistently wins the vote of professional dealmakers.

Our ideal client businesses are well managed, with an appetite for growth and looking to work closely with a financing partner who can support their ambition and development.

Structured ABL facilities are tailored to clients’ requirements and draw on our extensive expertise in:

Invoice Discounting

Improve your cashflow – You have immediate cash availability, linked to your sales, so funding grows as your business grows, all done confidentially.

Stay in control – Use as much or as little of the facility as you choose; you will always be in the picture with updated online account information and the support of a dedicated client manager.

Additional peace of mind – If required we also offer credit protection against bad debts in the event of a customer failing to pay.

Stock Finance

Boost working capital – For businesses with high volumes of stock, used alongside an invoice discounting facility, stock finance can release some of the cash tied up in your inventory.

The facility is secured against the stock involved, and can take the form of a revolving, flexible funding facility.

Plant & Machinery Finance

Boost working capital – For businesses with high levels of plant and machinery, used alongside an invoice discounting facility, plant & machinery finance can release some of the value tied up in your equipment.

We provide finance against your plant and machinery with an advance rate depending on the nature and valuation of the specific items of plant and machinery involved, with capital repayments over agreed periods of time.

Term Loans

As part of a structured ABL facility Leumi ABL can offer Term Loans which can further increase a business’ working capital and ensure that cash flow is as dependable as possible. Our Term Loans are repayable over a period of up to 5 years, depending on suitability and requirement, and therefore can form a very useful part of an overall ABL package.